Adds Length, Volume & Thickness in minutes 

with our 100%

Human Hair Extensions.


Color and Hair extension 


by Owner Christina Bibisi



Q: What are Hot Head Hair extensions?

Hot Heads Extensions are human hair extensions bonded with clear double-sided medical grade tape. The extensions are pre-taped and have a ‘peel and stick’ method of application.

Q:How Long do Hot Head Hair Extensions Last? 

Typically the Hair should last up to 3 times with proper care.

Q:How often will I need to get my extensions re adjusted?

About 8-10 weeks.

Q:How much do Hair extensions cost? 

Hair Extensions  are different for every hair type, so we require a full consultation, where we go over pricing, adjusting and proper hair care for your service.

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It is always a great experience with Christina, she's upfront about everything, especially the process of getting to the color you want,and your goals, and how it doesn't always happen on the first appointment.You can tell she loves what she does and definitely does her best to give you everything you want! Love!

Without a doubt, the *BEST* stylist I have EVER had work with my hair. Christina Bibisi is an AMAZING stylist. Not knowing if the hair color was achievable, Christina was honest that it could take more than one session, but she also talked me through the steps she was going to take with my desire color. From the highlight, to the toner, to the SHAMPOO, Christina educated me on the products that would best serve my type of hair. Not only did the final product WOW me, but Christina did what NO other stylist has done before - She reached out to me later in the evening to ensure that I was absolutely HAPPY with my hair color!! Aside from the style experience, Roots Hair Studio is conveniently located, BEAUTIFUL with an enchanting atmosphere, and offers FREE paraffin hand treatments while you’re hair is conditioned. Needless to say, I cannot wait to see Christina next month !!

So happy I found Roots!! I felt so comfortable from the minute I walked in!  Definitely will recommend to all my family and friend and just anyone who needs some hair magic!

I started going blonde about two years ago, tried multiple different salons but never found one I loved. Went and saw Christina for the first time about 4 months ago and absolutely fell in love. Not only did she help my dream come true and make me a full blonde, but every time I go in we talk about my work life and my boyfriend who is currently in USMC Bootcamp. Whenever I go I feel like I’m walking into a friends house not just a salon. I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else again.